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Aptra - Intent-Based Networking

ZK Research: Intent-Based Data Centers are the Next Evolutionary Step for Enterprises

The transition to an intent-based data center will be the most significant technology transformation since the birth of the internet, as the vision is to deliver autonomous operations across all IT infrastructure. In this white paper Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, explores the transitions and explains the benefits of an Intent-based data center.

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Aptra - Intent-Based Networking

Understanding Intent-Based Analytics (IBA) in Apstra Operating System (AOS)

Intent-Based Analytics (IBA) is an important feature of AOS and a main enabler for closed loop telemetry. IBA allows network operators to specify how they expect their network to operate and continuously validates their intent, generating alerts when it detects a deviation. AOS provides a real-time representation of all state in the system, including interfaces to physical elements such as switches and links. It also shows virtual elements, security zones and applications — all part of the same graph. This white paper shares a basic understanding of the Apstra AOS solution, and the benefits IBA provides.

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Aptra - Intent-Based Networking

Intent-Based Networking: A Next-Gen Vision for the Next-Gen Network

This in-depth white paper explains how service providers are capitalizing on Intent-Based Networking — a new and effective networking model that provides a way of abstracting an application, feature, network, or resource in such a way that the intent is exposed, but the implementation is hidden.

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Mansour Karam - CEO at Apstra

The Apstra Operating System (AOS®) Value Proposition

Mansour Karam, Apstra CEO shares how to build a private cloud that is as agile as the public cloud, and why the timing is right.

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Sasha Ratkovic - CTO of Apstra

The Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture Overview

Sasha Ratkovic, Apstra CTO explains the features and benefits of the Apstra Intent-based AOS architecture.

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David Cheriton - Chief Scientist at Apstra

The Apstra Operating System (AOS) and the Distributed Systems Challenge in Data Center Automation

David Cheriton, Apstra Chief Scientist shares the distributed systems challenge and how the AOS architecture can achieve industry-leading fine grain telemetry, availability and feature velocity.

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