JP Morgan SDN Networking Equipment Report

J.P. Morgan Report: SDN Networking Equipment

This report looks closely at the software-defined networking (SDN) market, examining the following players: Apstra, Big Switch Networks and Arista Networks’ CloudVision. Understand where vendors are on the SDN spectrum and how their solutions rank, based on the intent-based networking (IBN) Taxonomy model that shows the classification levels of automation in network infrastructure.

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ACG Research Report: Intent-Based Networking with Apstra AOS®

Market Impact Report: Intent-Based Networking with Apstra AOS®

Modern data centers based on hyperscale, leaf-spine switching architectures are growing so large and complex they are outstripping the capacity of operators to engineer, configure and manage these networks using traditional tools and techniques. As a result, data center operators are looking for new ways to automate workflows, maximize uptime and increase operational agility while reducing operating costs.

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Report

Bank of America Industry Overview

This report titled “Cloud Infrastructure primer: technology headwinds become growth opportunities” Bank of America/Merrill Lynch state that they believe Apstra “could have a significant impact on the [network automation] space.

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Cowen Group Equity Research Report

Cowen and Company Equity Research Report

Cowen and Company provides their perspective on the business prospects for Apstra based on their analysis of the Apstra’s technology, performance and pedigree in this report titled “Apstra: Driving the Rise of Hyperscale IT”.

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Moor Insights & Strategies on Distributed Network OS

Apstra’s AOS®: Distributed Network OS

Moor Insights and Strategy shares how a distributed network automation approach to the data center aligns your infrastructure with your business growth needs.

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ZK Research: Apstra makes vendor-agnostic Software Defined Networking a Reality

Apstra Makes Multi-Vendor Software-Defined Networking a Reality

Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research shares how Apstra makes vendor-agnostic Software Defined Networking A Reality.

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