Ready to take a deeper dive into intent-based networking, intent-based analytics and data center automation? Learn how Apstra is delivering solutions to cloud service providers, enterprises and other organizations focused on digital transformation.


Demonstration: Apstra AOS Integration with Amazon Alexa

See a demonstration of how Apstra uses declarative language to manage network operations in this demonstration of an integration between Apstra AOS® and Alexa. Carly Stoughton, Head of Technical Marketing at Apstra, shows off the power of the Apstra API live from AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas.

How IBN is Different than SDN

There is a lot of buzz around Intent-based networking (IBN), but there is still a lot of confusion about the difference between IBN and software-defined networking (SDN). Carly Stroughton and Sean Hafeez of Apstra discuss some of the issues with SDN and how IBN resolves them.


Intent-Based Data Center Automation: Real World Customer Deployments

Join Apstra in this live webinar on Wednesday, January 23rd at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET to hear about real-world examples of why and how actual businesses are deploying Intent-Based Data Center Automation. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how these businesses are using Intent-Based Data Center Automation to increase application reliability, simplify deployments, and reduce costs.

Empowering the Intent-Based Data Center

Join our guest, Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst with Doyle Research, in this live webinar to gain an understanding of how Intent-Based Data Center Automation is addressing the needs of the Intent-Based Data Center through increased application reliability, simplified deployments, and reduced costs.

Data Sheets and Briefs

AOS® 2.3 Datasheet

Apstra AOS® is turn-key software that helps networking teams manage data center networks as a cohesive system. Enterprises and service providers are using AOS to declare high-level design intent, which is rendered into low-level device configurations and deployed across their choice of network hardware and NOS. Read this data sheet to get the key details.

Solution Brief:Automating a Dell OpenSwitch OPX Data Center Fabric with Apstra AOS

Not only does Apstra now provide automation and analytics for OPX, Apstra also acts as the first full line of support for both OPX and switch hardware, closing the loop on network re-aggregation. Read this solution brief to learn more.

White Papers

Intent-Based Data Center Automation for the Enterprise

Read this white paper by Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research, to learn in-depth how the data center network is the critical element in the new Intent-Based Data Center architecture as it must deliver on end user performance expectations, provide a security shield against malware attacks and be highly reliable.

Intent-Based Data Centers are the Next Evolutionary Step for Enterprises

The transition to an intent-based data center will be the most significant technology transformation since the birth of the internet, as the vision is to deliver autonomous operations across all IT infrastructure. In this white paper by Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, he explores the transitions and explains the benefits of an Intent-based data center.

Case Studies

Apstra, Awnix, and Dell EMC Deploy Revolutionary Open IaaS Network Infrastructure into Tier 1 Service Provider Cloud

Awnix needed to deliver a customized, secure on-premise cloud as a managed service for a Tier 1 service provider supporting critical internal and external customer workloads. This case study details the objectives, challenges and solutions that delivered the benefits and results required for this advanced architecture.

Customer Case Study: Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan Corporation required a new data center network infrastructure and more efficient network operations to support their big data requirements and massive growth in network traffic. Download this in-depth case study that shows how Yahoo Japan Corporation is implementing a multi-vendor intent-based networking system in production today, and how they got here.