Vastly increase applications availability and reliability

Vastly increase applications availability and reliability

Your network is always ready for business with real-time visibility and alerts.

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Greatly simplify deployment and operations

Greatly simplify deployment and operations

Provision your network infrastructure rapidly when deploying new applications or extending the footprint of existing applications.

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Dramatically Reduce Costs

Dramatically reduce costs

Tools that enable you to do more with less and provide freedom of hardware and software choice.

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Vastly increase application availability and reliability

  • Change network topology, capacity, redundancy and segmentation in minutes.
  • Reduce app downtime: Select any switch vendor, build and validate configurations in minutes.
  • Reduce app downtime: Deploy validated configuration that will work, to thousands of switches and routers, in minutes.
  • Reduce outages: Validate network operating state continuously 24x7x365 and detect anomalies automatically.
  • Reduce outages: Massively reduce Mean-Time-To-Insights (MTTI) by dynamically extracting insights from raw data.

Greatly simplify deployments and operations

  • See the relationships and interdependencies between data center elements, in real-time.
  • Dynamically reason and understand data center operating state, as changes occur, including policy changes and operating state changes, in real-time.
  • Collect any telemetry from any vendor device continuously, 24x7x365.

Dramatically decrease costs (OpEx and CapEx)

  • Massively reduce costs (OpEx and CapEx) by decoupling people, process and tools from the infrastructure.
  • Use proven cloud best-practices and operating model regardless of vendor choice.
  • Swap equivalent devices across established (e.g. Cisco, Arista, Dell, Juniper), open-source (e.g. OpenSwitch, Microsoft SONiC, Junos OS), and white-box vendors (e.g. Cumulus, EdgeCore).
  • Automate EVPN operations across multiple vendors.
  • Finish capacity planning in hours vs. months.

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