Intent-Based Data Center

Automation, Remediation, and Cloudification

Much like a traffic map, the complexity of data center networks is such that no individual can fully comprehend all the details. You need to understand interdependencies between elements like switches, routers, addresses, protocols, policies, and more.

Such exploding complexity not only creates more efforts and expenses for IT but often leads to human errors that cause outages or breaches.

The consensus in the industry is that the solution to this complexity problem is ruthless automation, replacing direct human configuration of the network with a repeatable programmatic process.

However, this “automation” can amplify risks and accelerate an already fragile and complex process, if it doesn’t recognize network complexity is also compounded by constant change. Changes can dynamically come from people adjusting policies and configurations to accommodate shifts in workload location, east-west bandwidth usage and follow-the-workload security postures. Changes can also dynamically come from the infrastructure in terms of real-time telemetry.

Consequently, your network automation solution not only must know how to keep track of these complex dependencies, it must also update and present them as simple and actionable insights in the presence of constant change.

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Intent-Based Data Centers are the Next Evolutionary Step for Enterprises

Intent-Based Data Centers are the Next Evolutionary Step for Enterprises

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Network automation must be less brittle and more dynamic. It must treat the network as a distributed system of precisely coordinated individual components, holistically and dynamically. It must integrate your requirements across the entire network service lifecycle, including design, implementation and operations.

This dynamic, distributed system approach to automating the data center, is called Intent-Based Data Center.

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