Apstra Presents at
Tech Field Day
What’s New and Live Demos

Apstra Presents at
Tech Field Day
What’s New and Live Demos

Accelerate VMware NSX Deployments with Apstra

Webinar: Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center

Apstra AOS

Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center 3.1

Featuring: Multidomain Unified Group-Based Policy, Enterprise Cloudification, Advanced NSX and vSphere Integration, and more

Bloomberg Deploys Apstra for Bloomberg TV Media Production Network

Deploys Apstra for Bloomberg TV Media Production Network

“Apstra’s system gives us a single view into the entire media production network — regardless of our devices, switches, operating systems or vendors.”
– Tony Lott, Global Head of Capital Projects for Bloomberg’s IT Infrastructure team

Apstra Values

Intent-Based Networking

Data Center Network Automation that Delivers Cloud-like Simplicity

ACG Research Market Impact Report

“Forward looking data center operators are turning to intent-based networking”

Build and Operate Your Data Center Network in Minutes Rather than Days

Fully Automated Network

Apstra's Intent-Based Networking Approach

Apstra enables network operations teams to take command of your network and manage it as one system delivering operational simplicity, control and visibility. Our API-driven software features the most advanced intent-based analytics and extensible telemetry to help you understand your environment and continuously monitor and maintain your network.
Apstra automates and transforms the full lifecycle of data center network operations and delivers the simplicity, reliability and lower TCO of the public cloud.

Apstra Operating System (AOS) is a multi-vendor solution supporting your choice of established network vendors or open alternatives, and is deployed in production networks around the world. We help you massively reduce network service delivery time, failures, and cost in your leaf-spine/Clos. Apstra automates your data center network operations so you can respond quickly to changing workloads.

How We Help

Reduce Costs

Remove complexity;
do more with less

Empower your team to operate many pods across multiple lines of business.
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Improve Agility

Reduce time by 50-90% in network design, build and validation

Run your on-premise network similar to an API-based cloud service: fast and easy, removing the clunky network barriers.
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Increase Reliability

Detect and prevent failures and outages 24×7 in real-time

Guarantee availability. achieve very low outage frequency and duration.
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Championed by the Industry

“Dell EMC and Apstra share a common commitment and belief in open networking, disaggregating the fundamental building blocks of networking to maximize customer choice and capability… we see Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics as an effective means to help network operators cut costs, improving service agility and delivery.”

Gavin Cato
Senior VP Engineering

“Mellanox shares a commitment with Apstra to fully support open networking solutions and deliver market-leading technologies. Apstra brings network analytics to a new level and enables Mellanox customers to increase their network agility, identify and resolve bottlenecks, reduce network outages and optimize cost.”

Kevin Deierling
VP of Marketing

“Our customers are challenging the status quo of networking in their organizations and reaping huge operational benefits. Intent-Based Analytics provide an important offering for our customers and we are here to support their journey.”

JR Rivers
CTO and Founder

“Intent-based networking (IBN) is made whole by intent-based analytics. While articulating and implementing intent is foundational to IBN, intent-based analytics provide the pervasive telemetry and visibility that enable effective responses to changing conditions and continuously inform intent in a virtuous closed-loop cycle.”

Brad Casemore
Research Director

“Apstra is a force multiplier to ensure the network is ready for business.”

Ernest Lefner
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

“Apstra… a company we believe could have a significant impact on the space.”

Cloud Infrastructure Primer: Technology Headwinds Become Growth Opportunities

“…organizations deploying an intent-based networking system should evaluate this vendor.”

Cool Vendor Report in Enterprise Networking

“Apstra’s implementation works across a broader group of hardware variants, providing the customer more flexibility than with most other solutions.”

SDN Networking Equipment Report

How Customers Use Apstra