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The Apstra Operating System (AOS) Value Proposition

Mansour Karam, Apstra Co-founder and CEO shares how to build a private cloud that is as agile as the public cloud, and why the timing is right.

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The Apstra Operating System (AOS) Architecture Overview

Sasha Ratkovic, Apstra Co-founder and CTO explains the features and benefits of the Apstra Intent-based AOS architecture.

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The Apstra Operating System (AOS) and the Distributed Systems Challenge in Data Center Automation

David Cheriton, Apstra Co-founder and Chief Scientist shares the distributed systems challenge and how the AOS architecture can achieve industry-leading fine grain telemetry, availability and feature velocity.

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Apstra Operating System (AOS) Layer 3 Attached Servers

Sean Hafeez, Director of Sales, APAC for Apstra shares how to scale workloads across multiple hosts, fabrics and datacenter and gain flexibility for your Layer 3 Services.

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