Sasha Ratkovic - Founder and CTO at Apstra

NFD16: Intent-Based Networking Introduction with Sasha Ratkovic

Sasha Ratkovic, CTO and Founder of Apstra, spends this session cutting through the hype around intent-based networking. Sasha narrowly defines what Apstra means by intent. This isn’t simply a “correct” abstraction layer or a configuration management scheme. He outlines how intent is based on the outcome of automating the complete networking service lifecycle.

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Mansour Karam - Co-founder and CEO at Apstra

NetEvents Special Feature: Why We Need Intent-Based Self-Operating Networks

Alan Zeichick, Editorial Director of NetEvents, interviews Apstra founders Mansour Karam (CEO), Sasha Ratkovic (CTO) and David Cheriton (Chief Scientist) to discover the concept of a Self-Operating System™ and how the AOS™ intent-based networking system is helping companies work toward that goal.

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David Cheriton - Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Apstra

Career Retrospective: David Cheriton – Presented by NetEvents

Alan Zeichick, Editorial Director of NetEvents, interviews David Cheriton to review his remarkable career as a professor, inventor, serial entrepreneur and investor at Stanford University, Google, VMware, Arista and Apstra.

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Apstra - Intent-Based Networking System

Apstra Operating System Intent-based Networking System Explained

Is your data center networking speeding up your business, or holding it back? This brief explainer video shows how the Apstra Operating System, a vendor-agnostic, intent-based networking system with closed-loop telemetry can streamline your data center network operations while dramatically reducing CapEx.

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Jeremy Schulman - Head of Customer Enablement

AOS 1.2 Demonstration: Metamako Integration

This quick demonstration of an integration of Apstra Operating System with Metamako Metaconnect 16 system demonstrates the tremendous power of AOS’s extensible telemetry and its abstractions.

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Derick Winkworth - Network Engineer at Apstra

AOS 1.2 Feature Demonstration: Headroom

This is a quick demonstration by Derick Winkworth (@CloudToad) of the “Headroom” feature in AOS 1.2, which allows you to see how much bandwidth is available along the path between any two end points.

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Derick Winkworth - Network Engineer at Apstra

Time Travels with @CloudToad

Derick Winkworth (@CloudToad), Network Engineer, discusses the challenges that network engineers deal with every day, as well as the solutions they use to overcome them.

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Jeremy Schulman - Head of Customer Enablement at Apstra

Facebook Disaggregate: Networking

Jeremy Schulman of Apstra describes how networks made of a combination of open network devices and more traditional vendor equipment can coexist and easily be managed by a central software solution. He goes through a demonstration of such a scenario, where machines of different types are provisioned and configured to work together and provide connectivity between the servers attached to each switch. Recorded on January 24, 2017.

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Derick Winkworth - Network Engineer at Apstra

Networking Field Day

Jeremy Schulman and Derick Winkworth describe the Apstra Operating System (AOS), provide a live demonstration and then give a sneak peak of upcoming developments in this 8-part video series delivered at the Networking Field Day 13 event in Palo Alto, CA on November 17, 2016.

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David Cheriton - Chief Scientist at Apstra

The ONUG Great Debate: Two Roads to Open Networking

Dr. David Cheriton of Stanford and Apstra and Dr. Jennifer Rexford of Princeton discuss the approaches to open networking in the ONUG Great Debate recorded at the Fall 2016 ONUG meeting in New York City, New York on October 24, 2016.

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Josh Saul - Solutions Architect at Apstra

ONUG Proof of Concept: Multivendor ZTP Boot Process

Apstra Solutions Architect Josh Saul gives a detailed demonstration of a multivendor ZTP boot process using the Apstra Operating System (AOS) and aeon-ztps at ONUG Fall 2016.

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