Product Features

Design Tools

AOS includes visual design tools allowing a network architect to specify intent and immediately see the proposed solution for the network topology. All aspects of the system build are assisted by AOS.

VXLAN Overlay

AOS provides a tightly integrated overlay and underlay network, allowing operators to manage the physical network and VXLAN overlay directly from the same management system.  Fabric requirements for the transport of these networks is automated by AOS and the user creates new networks from a simple web interface.

Detailed Telemetry

AOS gathers relevant performance data and operating statistics to ensure that your intent is being met.  All of the elements needed to maintain intent are automatically monitored, including updates for moves/adds/changes.  For example, adding a new leaf switch to the network causes AOS to immediately monitor physical, logical, network and configuration elements.

Physical and Logical Validation

AOS is constantly checking both physical and logical systems to guarantee service uptime.

Service Dashboards

AOS can manage multiple systems or pods within the network, creating a high level dashboard for health.  An entire datacenter or multiple datacenters can be visualized through a single pane of glass, with colored indicators showing system health for each pod.

System Health Views

Dive into health monitoring views for each network with aggregated alerts and errors in a visual monitor.  These visualizations present abstract services so you are not managing hundreds of devices individually.  The dashboards assist with quick identification of root cause.  Dashboards can be exposed to end users allowing them to see the health of their network services without contacting the helpdesk.

Config Validation

AOS constantly monitors all running network configurations and alerts you if there are any deviations from the intended design.