AOS 2.0 Features


  • Server/Rack based designer
  • BGP L3 Clos fabric
  • Intra-rack (VLAN), or inter-rack (VXLAN) *
  • L3 Server Routing attachment
  • L2 Server with MLAG/LAG
  • Extensible services (intent, resources, expectations)**
  • DHCP relay

Device OS

Cisco NX-OS
Arista EOS and vEOS
Juniper Junos **
Cumulus Linux and CVX
Ubuntu Servers
CentOS Servers

AOS Tools

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Server
Demo Tools
Template Catalog
3rd Party Tool Integration
3rd Party Big-Data Platform Integration
Legacy Devices Integration


LLDP, BGP, Config deviation
Interface counters
Routing table verification
Host, transceiver, interface, LAG/MLAG
Server and devices health
Intent-based anomaly detection
Telemetry streaming via protocol buffers
Extensible telemetry collection **


Single User Authentication, HTTPS
Device lifecycle management
Resource management
Headless operation
Tested capacity: 1600 devices
System configlets
Interactive network visualization
Extensible device agents
AOS backup / restore
Graph model and GraphQL API **
Blueprint modifications with staging and commit is fully supported

Maintenance workflows

Scale-out Maintenance
Replacement Maintenance
Decommission Maintenance
Addition and deletion of virtual networks and endpoints
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

* New features in AOS 2.0
** Technology Preview