Partnering To Deliver Game Changing Solutions

Apstra partners with a select group of value-added resellers and distributors to deliver our innovative data center network automation solutions to customers around the world.

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“Dell EMC and Apstra share a common commitment and belief in open networking, disaggregating the fundamental building blocks of networking to maximize customer choice and capability. In conjunction with our industry-leading OS10 operating system, we see Apstra’s Intent-Based Analytics as an effective means to help network operators cut costs while significantly improving service agility and delivery.”

Dell – Gavin Cato, Senior VP Engineering

Tokyo Electron Device

““Tokyo Electron Device (TED) is pleased to enter into a distribution agreement with Apstra Inc. to deliver their innovative vendor-agnostic Intent-Based Networking solutions to the Japanese market. ”

Electron Device – Akihiro Kamikogawa, President of CN Company

“Mellanox shares a commitment with Apstra to fully support open networking solutions and deliver market leading technologies. Apstra AOS 2.1 with Intent-Based Analytics combined with our unmatched monitoring and instrumentation capabilities, brings network analytics to a new level and enables Mellanox customers to increase their network agility, identify and resolve bottlenecks, reduce network outages and optimize cost.”

Mellanox – Kevin Deierling, VP of Marketing

“Our customers are challenging the status quo of networking in their organizations and reaping huge operational benefits. Intent-Based Analytics provide an important offering for our customers and we are here to support their journey.”

Cumulus Networks – JD Rivers, CTO and Founder

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