The Apstra Vision

The Apstra vision is to be the platform every private cloud data center on the planet will use to automate all aspects of engineering and operating their network services.

The Apstra Mission

The Apstra mission is to deliver the products network engineers have always wanted.

The Apstra Founders

Sasha Ratkovic

CTO and Founder

Sasha is the thought leader in domain abstractions and data model driven automation. As CTO at Apstra, he drives the architecture direction of the Apstra Operating System and is deeply involved in all aspects of the Apstra Product and Engineering efforts.


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Mansour Karam

CEO and Founder

Mansour Karam is an entrepreneur and executive with a passion and successful track record for building high tech infrastructure companies from the ground up. As CEO and Founder of Apstra, Mansour is responsible in setting the product vision and leading the company’s culture and business.


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David Cheriton

Founder and Chief Scientist

David Cheriton is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and a world-renowned researcher in the areas of networking and distributed systems with numerous widely cited publications and patents, receiving the lifetime achievement award from the ACM Sigcomm professional group in 2003.

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We are well-funded and seeking superstar engineers, outside sales, inside sales, sales development reps and product marketers who want to join our exceptional team of Apstrktrs.

To inquire about career opportunities at Apstra, email us at

The Apstra Culture

The Apstra culture is to provide an environment where high performers can thrive and achieve their full potential. We do this by keeping overhead to a minimum, and providing our team members autonomy and a clear purpose. Join us to build the next generation of data center automation technology.

Do the right thing

Exhibit honesty and candor, be open to coaching and feedback, be non­political, never mislead, never undermine or silently dissent.

Collaborate and communicate

Value the greater good instead of individual glory, realize that each person has a contribution to make.

Strive for maximum competency

Learn constantly – continuously improving your skills, knowledge, and judgment in the process.

Strive for maximum impact

Exhibit bias ­to ­action and avoid analysis ­paralysis, focus on substance, exhibit courage, be decisive.

Wear your passion on your sleeves

Inspire others, care deeply, celebrate wins,
be tenacious.

“Apstra has developed the best automation platform for building and operating networks.  To put it plainly: It works.  It is easy to install and use, provides great network visibility, works on equipment from many vendors, and improves security.  We use AOS at Awnix, and are incorporating it into the designs for our Engineered Systems for OpenStack with SDN.”

Rick Kundiger, Awnix CEO